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Increase your awareness, knowledge and skills

  • Education & Presentation: OC Human Relations can present a 30-minute to one hour PowerPoint presentation on Hate Crimes in Orange County to your organization and how to report or access resources for victims
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Opportunity for training that provides individuals the tools to turn conflict situations into a positive experience while de-escalating high conflict situations.
  • Everyday Restorative Justice: A 2-day introduction to restorative justice and its practical application in our everyday lives. You’ll learn about several tools which can build and maintain community, including community building circles and restorative communication.
  • Other Trainings/Workshops: Implicit Bias, OC Civil Rights History, Conflict De-escalation, and reStructure (DEI) Training


Get Started

  • Follow us on social media to learn more about upcoming events and spread the word to your networks about our work.
  • Staying informed by joining newsletters of our partner community-based organizations.
  • Attending a community event, community forum with your networks to learn more about the project.
  • Learn about programs and services being offered to support the project.

Get Involved

  • Organize a film screening, book club, international cuisine dinner, block party, circle conversations, and much more to bring people together.
  • Partner with local schools, churches, business and other organizations to bring awareness to the project.
  • Volunteer with a community-based organizations.
  • Partner with the OCHR Commission and Council to host a listening session. 

Get Passionate

  • Start a neighborhood campaign to bring awareness.
  • Write or speak with an elected official to support the project.
  • Organize a peaceful march with your local community.
  • Partner with the OCHR Commission and Council to present at local schools, churches, business and organizations.


Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools that can lead us to change. Your stories and photographs are what we need to ensure that people understand that Hate Hurts Us All and that together we can create a community of understanding, acceptance, and compassion. We invite you to share your story or pictures depicting your culture, heritage, identity, etc.

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Este proyecto se financia a través de una subvención de ARPA (H.R. 1319), según lo asignado por la Junta de Supervisores del Condado de Orange y administrada por OC Community Services.